Unity in Diversity Conference

24th - 26th July 2019 Brisbane, Australia

Conference Theme

The theme of the conference is ‘Unity In Diversity’ and through this lens, we seek to investigate concepts of resilience, inclusion, identity, multiculturalism, gender equality, community building, and Indigenous sovereignty. 

The programme will build upon Townsville Cultural Festival outcomes by involving delegates from diverse communities, service providers, religious representatives, government and advocacy groups to engage with key issues affecting social cohesion, community resilience and the Australian identity.

The topics we will be covering during the conference fit within 3 major themes

Identity          Cohesion          Engagement

Session titles for the 2-day conference include;

  • Overcoming barriers to social cohesion in Australia.
  • What does Australian multiculturalism mean?
  • The intersection of multiculturalism, cohesion and mental health.
  • Lived experience – Life as a refugee in Australia.
  • Dispelling fear – Embracing cultural diversity.
  • Cultural identity crisis – Who are we?
  • Strengthening host communities to refugee and migrants.
  • Cultural diversity and multiculturalism – What is holding us back?
  • Multiculturism: Best practice models for social work
  • How do ideologies of multiculturalism affect economical and political models? 


Join us at the Unity in Diversity Conference at The State Library of Queensland, Cultural Precinct, Stanley Place, South Brisbane on 24th -26th July 2019