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Unity In Diversity 2020 Submission Guidelines

The theme of the conference is 'Unity In Diversity' inspired by 40 years of community services and experience in regional migrant settlement by the Townsville Intercultural Centre Ltd.

The conference will involve delegates from diverse regional Australian communities, sector service providers, cultural and religious representatives, Federal, State and Local governments who would engage with key issues affecting social justice, social cohesion, inclusive human services, Australian cultural identity and a way forward beyond "Multiculturalism".

We welcome you to address any of these topics in your presentation or nominate a topic that you wish to introduce to the conference program.

All topics will engage with the conference themes: Social Justice, Cohesion and Identity.


Conference Topics

  •          What can Australia learn from current global challenges?
  •          Barriers to social cohesion in regional Australia and major population centres.
  •          What does Australian multiculturalism mean to mainstream Australians?
  •          The intersection of multiculturalism, social cohesion, and mental health.
  •          Lived experience – Life as a refugee in Australia.
  •          Dispelling fear – Embracing cultural diversity.
  •          Cultural identity crisis – Who are we as Australians?
  •          Strengthening host communities to refugees and migrants.
  •          Community cohesion and multiculturalism – What is holding us back?
  •          Best inclusive practice models for social work.
  •          Multiculturalism and climate change.


Summary of Abstract Submission Instructions

Step 1: Read the Abstract Submission Guidelines for the submission of abstract to ensure you understand the abstract submissions process and requirements.

Step 2: Write your abstract submission using the instructions on how to prepare and format your submission.

Step 3: Click the 'Submit Abstract' button below to access the submission portal.

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Notification of Acceptance

Notification of acceptance will be sent via e-mail to the submitting author by the end of February.  The Conference Managers will not be held responsible for abstract submissions not received via the website or for submission errors caused by internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events.



The presenting author will be required to register for the Conference to ensure his/her abstract is included in the final Program.



PowerPoint presentations are commonly used amongst session presenters as an effective way to display ideas and data.

All presentations including workshops will be allocated 30 minutes each (20 minutes for the presentation with 10 minutes for questions).