Keynote Speakers

Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM

Executive Driector, Townsville Intercultural Centre and Townsville Cultural Fest

Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM has been the Executive Director of the Townsville Intercultural Centre for the past 26 years. 
Working closely with migrant and refugee communities in settlement services, youth engagement and education projects and over two decades of work with the Elders and leaders of Indigenous communities of North Queensland in self-determination and cultural engagement projects.
Painter, sculptor and author of two books, “I Think I Should Not Think” and “The Ghost of the Billabong Speaks”, Farvardin facilitates mindfulness workshops, runs youth empowerment camps and is the founder of the Townsville Cultural Fest.

Chin Tan

Race Discrimination Commissioner

Chin Tan commenced his term as Race Discrimination Commissioner on October 8, 2018.
Prior to joining the Commission, Chin spent three years as the Director for Multicultural Engagement at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.
Chin's focus at Swinburne University as the head of its cultural diversity strategy was to work collaboratively across the University and the wider community to ensure that Swinburne succeeded as an institution of cultural diversity excellence.
His leadership role resulted in Swinburne on 23 November 2017 being conferred a High Commendation award by the Victorian Government under the Victorian Multicultural Excellence Awards 2017 – Business category.
Chin was the Chairperson and Statutory Head of the Victorian Multicultural Commission from 2011 to 2015. The Commission is an independent statutory authority with responsibilities to support and promote the benefits of Victoria's cultural diversity.
Previously, he enjoyed a successful career of more than twenty-four years as a practising lawyer that included partner roles at a number of Melbourne firms.
Chin was the Co-Chair of the Police and Community Multicultural Advisory Committee and served in many other organisations and bodies. This included the Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Football League's Multicultural Focus Group, professional and business associations and Local Council committees.
He was until recently a member of La Trobe University's Asia Advisory Board and has had either led or been a member of many other community organisations. Chin was also the President of the Chinese Community Council Australia (Vic) 2016-2017.


Andrew Jakubowicz

Emeritus Professor

Andrew Jakubowicz is Professor of Sociology at the University of Technology Sydney and Co-director of the UTS Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Key Research Strength (Research Centre).
He heads the Social and Political Change Academic Group in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He has published widely in the fields of cultural diversity, social policy, refugees, Jewish cultural studies, media sociology, and new media. The website that he co-ordinates  Making Multicultural Australia in the 21st Century is designed for teachers and students interested in cross-curriculum diversity perspectives, and is produced in conjunction with state education and arts bodies around Australia.
It provides an extensive research site for scholars involved in cultural diversity questions in Australia, and a publishing environment for cultural diversity scholarship using digital media. The research website he produces The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu is an online documentary about the Jewish communities of Shanghai.
He heads a research project “Multimedia Interactive Research Environment”  that seeks to re-centre the researcher as a creative subject between the silos of digital data collection and e-publishing.  He also heads the online communities and human rights project at the not-for-profit Institute for Cultural Diversity.